In addition to interest pages there are the Groups or Topics which are a slightly more formalised sets of pages. Members are encouraged to take part in discussions, research and the creation of a wide range of topics forming informal groups that are open to all.

We are all very relaxed about this and believe that it is quite alright to drop into any page, leave a comment or two and then move on when you feel like it.

Future subjects

There is a Groups Common Room where members can contact one another with suggestions for topics on interest pages and for new groups.

Group co-ordinators

Interest Groups need a ‘coordinator' or ‘moderator'. computer conductor cut outWhatever the appropriate term may be, there is always a need for one individual to take a lead and do whatever is necessary to help make a group successful.

The vU3A cannot do without such people. The Group Coordinator's role in the vU3A environment is a crucial one. He or she will have a facilitating role vis-à-vis the members who take part. A Group Leader may have to encourage, enthuse and advise the members and help ensure that everyone benefits to the maximum degree possible from the shared learning experience.

Anyone interested in becoming a Group Coordinator might like to make contact.