One of the most well-known wiki sites is the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia which describes itself as "the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit".

The same applies to our wiki site, where all activities of vU3A take place. Key to the wiki is co-operation, so don't be shy! Try making a comment and get a conversation going. Have a go at editing a page to share your knowledge of a subject with others. Like everything else the key to learning is to have a go.

Why not take a look at our public example of the members private wiki and you will see it's very user friendly or, if you prefer, take a look at the video first then feel free to browse the example of our wiki site: Click for video

As you will be aware, electronic communications lack the subtleties of everyday face-to-face interactions so we have a few guidelines to make the wiki experience enjoyable for all:

Make others feel welcome

Create and maintain a friendly environment
Give praise
If needs be, turn the other cheek and forgive!

And don't worry there is always some one available to help!