To pay your subscription - at the moment we are only accepting payments by Bank Transfer/Deposit or Cheque.

You can:

Pay by Cheque

Click here to contact us for the required postal details to allow you to post a cheque.

Pay by Bank Transfer/Deposit

We will send you the Virtual U3A bank details and you can then make your payment by using your Internet banking or your local bank branch to make a transfer directly to us.  Click here to contact us

The best way to make the bank transfer payment is to use Internet banking or if that's not for you go to your branch and fill out a payment form to transfer the money from your account to the Virtual U3A account for which you will have been given the details.

By doing a transfer from your bank either by using the internet banking or going to the bank we ask you put your name as the reference and then when we see the payment in the account we know to whom to apply it.