Benefits of membership

Members will be free to join any of our groups or interest pages and primarily social pages, e.g. the Coffee Shop. We email a regular vU3A Newsletter to keep everyone in touch.

Amount of subscription

The subscription is £12 per year. Subscriptions are paid securely using Paypal. vU3A likes to operate entirely online but, in extremis, we are able to accept cheques or payment by bank transfer by special arrangement.

What do you need to join the vU3A?

The answer to this question falls into two parts (A) Equipment and (B) Computer Skills. You may like to consult with a knowledgeable friend or family member to help you make a decision about certain of these items. 

(A) Equipment

  • A computer capable of connecting to the Internet (with a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and should also be able to send and receive emails.

  • A broadband account for connection of the computer to the Internet would be a very useful addition.

(B) Computer skills

  • Experience in using a mouse and keyboard or a laptop with equivalent.ladytypist9

  • Experience at an elementary level in receiving, sending and replying to emails (and occasionally handling attachments), in finding one's way around the Internet and writing text, e.g. letters, articles or keeping a diary, etc.

  • Experience in saving and retrieving files, e.g. word processing files.

  • The idea behind these requirements is to allow members of the vU3A to communicate effectively with one another and to work in groups on projects of shared interests using written contributions.