Thank you for applying and paying your annual membership
I will shortly add your email address  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
to our database and it will come back to you with a request to log in.  
Please complete the whole logging in process in one session, enter our wiki workspace and log into the "coffee shop” page and add a comment to say you have just joined   This will check out and ensure that you have fully completed the two stage logging in process.  You have to first join PB works our service provider (unlessyou are already a member) and then log into the vU3A site itself which will be listed in your account data.  Reading our new member help files will help you get used to our rather special workspace.
There is no need to log out of the vU3A when you have completed and on no account close your account with the vU3A because this will terminate your membership you will loose access to our site and it will require you to be reintroduced.
If you have any problems please contact me by replying to this mail or via the workspace
Treasurer and membership
Here are some more detailed instructions, please take time to read them. If you have any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact me by email.
Thank you for your subscription.  We are delighted that you are joining the Virtual U3A (vU3A for short). We hope you will find your time with us both enjoyable and interesting.
As a full member, you are part of a community of people who are going to fashion the way that the vU3A will operate. Nothing is set in stone except that we do not see ourselves offering already written courses. We believe that the principle of collaborative learning will be at the heart of our activities.
On behalf of the committee, I am very pleased to welcome you to the vU3A.
How to sign in
If you would like to see a video on how to do this, please click
If you need written instructions to help you as you sign in they are shown immediately below.
(You may wish to print out these instructions for reference as you proceed)
1.  You will shortly receive an email like this:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    has sent you an invitation to their workspace.
We've prepared an account for you to log in:
Username: [This will be your email address]                                          
Password: [You will set this up by clicking the ‘Join the workspace’ link]
Join the workspace vu3a.             
 Your PBworks Team
When you click on the link in the email ‘Join the workspace vU3A you will be able to complete your login procedure.
     2.  Now a new window opens (see below) where you are invited to set up your PBworks account. Fill in your name. (Please use your real name, e.g. Dorothy Jones, because whatever you type will appear as your name in the wiki site.) Now fill in your own choice of password and its confirmation – you must invent your own password and note it down in case it gets lost!
When done, click Save.
 3.  Clicking on Save brings up yet another window see below (if however the window does not appear then you will be taken straight to the frontpage.
Now click the words and straight away, you go to the FrontPage, which looks like this:
4.       You are now empowered to log on to the vU3A wiki website.
5.       When you are looking at the FrontPage click on the yellow shape having the words “New members click here” and your adventure can begin!
6.    There is no need to log out of the site  (vu3a.pbworks.comwhen you have completed you will be asked to log in with your email address and password (the one that you just created) from time to time so please do not forget them.